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add ability to copy game console disks/CDs

Laurel , 27.09.2011, 07:06
Idea status: under consideration


Whiterabbit-uk, 27.09.2011, 10:26
This is a good idea for those who own X-Box, Wii and PS3 discs though you'd require a DVD reader that was able to read the discs as well otherwise the additional tool would be pointless. I don't think DVD writer/rewriter/readers are made to read console games otherwise we would be able to play those games via our PC's using suitable software.

That's something I would truly love to see though as I refuse to purchase any of the main consoles apart from the Wii. There are some games like Gods of War and other X-Box/PS3 games that I'd love to play but not if I've to purchase one of the consoles.

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